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English Translation with Hindi and Roman text for those who can't read Hindi, but want to chant this great Hindu Prayer and understand the significance of this Holy Prayer to the great Lord Hanumanji, Supreme devotee of Lord Shree Ram. From that glorious epic, The Holy Ramayan by Goswami Tulsidas.  ENGLISH TRANSLATION AND PRONOUNCIATION GUIDE BY PAVAN  R CHAWLA.


For everyone, and particularly for those who cannot read Hindi. I have transcribed the Hindi sounds in Roman English, along with a translation into English, so that not only can they read this great prayer originally written by Goswami Tulsidas, but also understand its meaning.


The Hanuman Chalisa itself says that the easiest way for attaining a peaceful state of mind is to devoutly read the Hanuman Chalisa 100 times in succession. But that's a very difficult and daunting task, especially because of the immense demands it places particularly on your concentration and time. May the great Lord Hanuman give you the will and wisdom to do so at the earliest. But if you accomplish that, just reading the Hanuman Chalisa once a day regularly will help too. 


So,  from my wife Anju and me, this is a humble attempt to spread the Word of Hanuman lalaa,  the noble, benevolent God who is fiercely protective of those who love Him.


I also pray to the gracious Lord Hanumanji  to keep the soul of my father, the late Mr. J R Chawla, a devout Hanuman bhakt, with Him in eternal peace. It was on his guidance that I found the love of and devotion for Lord Hanumanji. We also pray that He keep the soul of my late father-in-law, Mr Manohar Lal Chawla of Dehradun, and my late brother-in-law Mr Ashok Kumar Chawla  of Beauty DryCleaners, Dehradun, in eternal peace with Him.


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I hope and pray that Lord Hanumanji smiles upon and protects you and your family.


Pavan  R Chawla, Mumbai, India


ps: I'd like add here that all that we try to do for this site is done in our spare time, as both Anju and I keep jobs. I'd also like to specify here that this website is a purely personal endeavour, and reflects only our personal views and efforts, and was conceived of, developed and is maintained in our spare time. The business entities that my wife and I work for are in no way connected with or responsible for anything that goes on this site. BTW, the picture of Lord Hanumanji used on this site is one I had clicked years ago in a small village temple, and doesn't infringe any coypright to the best of  my knowledge and belief. If anyone has reason to believe otherwise, let us know.


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Translattion, Roman script: PAVAN R CHAWLA
Translation and Roman Script copyright: Pavan R Chawla