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Hanuman Chalisa English Translation by Pavan R Chawla

Webmasters and others
Why I made this site
Hanuman Chalisa Hindi Picture File
Webmasters and others

Terms for Personal, Website, Printing use:

FOR PERSONAL AND PRIVATE USE: You are welcome to save the pic files and text for your personal use on your computer or take a printout for your convenience. For that, all we ask is, just include us in your prayers once in a while! And do fill up a form in our Guest Book.


WEBMASTERS: You are welcome to use our translation and Roman transcript as is, as a picture file, subject to the following conditions: 

  1. Please place a link to our site (
  2. Please preface the picture with the following text: "The Holy Hanuman Chalisa translated into English with the Text in Roman transcript and Hindi, created by Pavan Chawla in memory of his late father Mr JR Chawla."
  3. Please sign our Guest Book and let us know you have done the above, and inform us the url of your site's home page and the page you have put this up on.

Important Note:

You can put this up on your sites as a free download, and not for sale or as a freebie available with any product or service you are sellling. Before doing so, please take written permission from us. If any of the above is not clear, do write and seek clarification and permission. To reach us, please fill our Guest Book.  Thanks!


PRINT EDITIONS: Please take written permission before using the translations on this site for any non-commercial or commercial print editions. To reach us, please fill our Guest Book.  Thanks!


God Bless!

- Pavan Chawla

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