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Hanuman Chalisa English Translation
How To Download Shusha Font


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How to download the Shusha font

  • To download the font, pls go to the Lycos or any other search engine and enter a search for 'Shusha Free Font Download' and you will be offered several unique resource locations (URLs) for download.
  • When you reach the site offering the free download, pls save the file on your hard disc.
  • Unzip the files and extract the Shusha font files (all files with .ttf) extension to your hard disk.
  • Open your Control Panel, go to Fonts, select Install New Font, find the folder where you had extracted the Shusha font files (the .ttf files). Select all. Click on OK. The fonts will be installed.
  • Go to and click F5 (the refresh view shortcut).
  • You're done.

(Install the Shusha font at your own risk. That's for the record, although I have had no problem with the font, and find it an excellent creation for the spread of the beautiful language of Hindi. Shusha is not just a free font but also a superb keyboard system that integrates with MS Word and provides you a free English phonetic keyboard to type out Hindi by just changing the font in MS Word and following the keyboard guidelines that come with Susha. A superb service to the Hindi language. -- Pavan Chawla)